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Hey guys! Have you heard of Kiva.Org? Well they're an organization that assists in giving out small loans to third-world country citizens who need a small amount of money to help their businesses/livelihood grow.

While normally this is a fantastic, and easy/inexpensive way to help others, for a little while it is FREE! For all new sign-ups, and accepted invitations to your friends, they are giving you $25 to lend to any borrower you choose! Not your money. But the money of a generous lender who has a deal with Kiva. 

Please sign up! It takes five minutes to choose your borrower + sign up, and maybe an extra minute to import your email contacts to send out invites! This is a super easy way to do something really important today, right now.

Click here if you want to give me an extra $25 to lend, or click here to sign up all regular-like.

Please signal boost! ♥

Thanks to the mod for allowing me to post this.
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I'm going to state a concept that you will find in every single decent finance blog/book EVER.

To save money, your income must exceed your expenditure.

That's it. There's no magic formula, no "Do this! You will become rich overnight!" How to do that, though? Financial management is as much about psychology as it is about mathematics.

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