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So in June I joined on a whim. In theory, since I've started using it, I'm doing much better on budgeting - I mean, I actually set budgets and feel kinda bad when I overstep them - but it handily tracks net income and mine has been $-13 a month since June. Which means I am actually still living on that unexpectedly big tax return last year, not my income.

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I hope this is useful to someone. So far I've learned that my budget reflects that I am a sandwich snob, and that having subleasers makes banking a three-ring circus type experience. Augh, subleasers.

Has anyone else any tips on budgeting software/websites? Anything anyone's using that works better?
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Today I had a salutory lesson. I was just viewing articles in my local paper online and it had a link: "Compare savings accounts!" kind of thing.

I tend to transfer money that I'm not intending to spend in the next week out of my bank account into a linked internet savings account. It works for me--stops me spending money I need to spend on bills, puts any excess money in a place where I can't get to it easily for impulse spending. I can access it by two business days at the outside and it provides me with a bit of a buffer. So I'm all set, right?

Banks rely to a large extent on both customer loyalty and inertia to keep your business with them. The thing is, switching isn't that hard or stressful. Let me be perfectly clear: banks make money off you. Every account you have with money in it, they're making interest over and on top of any interest they pay to you. They have a perfect right to make money--and you as a customer have a perfect right to assess their services and take your business elsewhere if you can get a better deal. Don't let them rattle you. I can provide a number of helpful links for Aussies, at least, who wish to switch bank accounts (just ask in the comments).

What the hell. I was bored. I clicked on the link to evaluate savings accounts.

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