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I just paid off my credit card balance. In its entirety.

I may have a couple of dollars of interest to pay next month, but that sucker is GONE.




... Dammit. I need some form of sparkly tiara gif. I DESERVE A SPARKLY TIARA GIF.
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Comment on this post with what you've achieved over the past week! Let us know what you're going to do over the next week!

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(Yes, I do realise that's the most pretentious subject line ever. Moving on)

I am in an unusual position at the moment. I am two months away from getting out of credit card debt. Easily, with no extra repayments beyond what I'd already budgeted for. My other short-term goal, a yearly train ticket has been achieved. It's sitting in my wallet right now and I've got an automatic debit into an account that I can't touch that empties once a year so I've got next year's ticket set up.

What do I do now?.

I do have longterm goals. Of course I do. But the thing with longterm goals is that I can't concentrate on them too much or I go crazy. They're so far away! My short-term goals are finished, my medium term goals are now short-term goals and they're either achieved or a blink away from being achieved.

I do have another medium-term goal which I'm going to start--building a cushion of three months salary as savings. I think I can make progress on that but it's going to take a while. I could break that down into smaller goals and then look into places where I can shove the money so I can't touch it? Term deposit or the like? Does anyone have any suggestions?

I suppose I could start saving for a computer as I think my laptop is getting to the end of its life? I might also set aside a small amount of money for a celebration of some sort, only I've retrained my brain to such an extent that I don't really WANT anything. Maybe I should save for a good suit.

I don't know! Tell me what to do!
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Hello everyone! How did your weeks go? Did you succeed in not eating out?

I didn't. I got sick (again. Or still. Stupid ears) and that led to me just being too damn tired to make the right choices. I did have dinner at home every night but that was mostly cooked for me and sometimes consisted of canned soup.

Lunch was where I really fell over. I am craving take-away food like there's no tomorrow. High fat, high salt, high in chilli. I bought lunch probably six times over the past two weeks.

But, it happens. With the ferocity I was craving stuff, I decided to go with it. It's not the best decision in the world, but it's not the worst either. Stuff happens and you deal the best you can.

I really debated whether to make this a separate post or not, but I guess I'll stick it under a cut tag at the end so as not to spam your reading lists.

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So, I have the day off! That equals me posting!

First things first: how are your challenges going? I am doing REALLY WELL. I have eaten a packed lunch every single day, made dinner every single night and only bought hot cross buns once.

So: the menu for this week.
Friday: Home-made Sourdough bread bruschetta
Saturday: Kangaroo Bolognaise and salad
Sunday: Left over Pearl Barley and Vege soup (told you that was a lifesaver)
Monday: Beef and Turnip casserole
Tuesday: Salad and Beef roll as I was out at Photography class
Wednesday: Oriental style Chicken and Noodle soup
Thursday: Vaguely Moroccanish Lamb with lentils
Tonight: Hamas curry

If you want any of the recipes, just comment~

Today's recipe (which was for breakfast, but anyway)
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I start early because I am early! It's the end of the week! Let Joy and Celebration be unconfined!

Come and tell me--what progress have you made towards your goals this week? Finances OR frugal living, or even buying something that you've saved up towards!