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So I'm decent at putting an arbitrary number on my bank account and saying, "You don't get lower than [x]." But arbitrary is arbitrary and my saving hasn't been going as quickly as I want.

Since I know that once I have a savings account to funnel into, I can build it quickly, I went and opened a savings account at my bank today. My plan is to start with 200.

Next paycheck, add 150. Increase by at least 50 dollars each paycheck, until either a) I decide I want to cap it, or b) I suddenly realize I've deposited an entire paycheck in.

Helping this is the fact that my bank allows you to name a specific amount that you move from your checking account to your savings account each time you use your debit card. They allow up to 1 dollar. I set that as my specific point.

Of course, after 6 months of meaning to do this, it's the fact that I want to buy my new bedframe now, now, now that provided me with the impetus. With shipping and handling and the varying things I want customized, it's going to be 975. My savings account must be 1100 before I'll dip into it for the bed. I was originally aiming towards late fall before I'd buy it.

On my current plan, however, it's at max 5 paychecks away. And I get paid twice a month. July 15, I could buy my bed. My solid pine, lofted bed that will allow me to nest the way I want to.

Next goal: figure out what my first credit card is going to be. (Other than "something I can set a cap on." ) 
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